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Meet ReGina
Mar 10

ReGina Welling - Meet the Author 🌞

Hi, I thought I’d take a moment to introduce myself. I’m ReGina Welling, and I write cozy mysteries, some paranormal, some not, all with humor, some with a touch of romance, some by myself, some with my writing partner and daughter, Erin Lynn who is also a Sleuthing Women author.  Well, there, that about sums […]
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writing a cozy mystery wedding scene
Mar 07

Writing a Cozy Mystery Wedding Scene: Truth is Stranger than Fiction

The other day I found myself on the phone with a man I’d never met. He wasn’t a telemarketer, and this had nothing to do with lining up a blind date. (I’m married!) I was on the phone with this very nice gentleman because of an email I’d sent out to my readers. The email […]
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