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CeeCee James

I’m CeeCee James, cozy mystery writer, and mini dachshund wrangler extraordinaire. Actually, it’s the dogs that are remarkable. They can go from a dead sleep to an ankle-pile of mass destruction at a single doorbell ring. This quarantine I’ve learned how many doorbell rings there on TV. Too many.

I have several mystery series at the moment. Each one has a slightly different flavor. Why do I write so many different series? Stories fascinate me. It’s why I love sitting in a coffee shop or at the mall and people-watch. What I see inspires me. I wish I could tell more! 

I also have a plethora of a storylines myself that I’m still untangling. I had a rocky childhood. I moved often. I counted them up one time and I’d been to nine schools. I spent some time in foster care. It’s opened my eyes to the fact that everyone has a story, and gave me the drive to speak out as a child abuse survivor advocate. My first book is a memoir, called Ghost No More, and it’s there I share my journey. 

It’s also fueled my desire to write fiction as well. My characters are always based on fiction, but I like to think they’re relatable in what they go through. Because I don’t do the traditional outlining, I usually only have a vague idea of who they are when I first start, and as I write their story I see where they’re going to lead me.

So far, my characters taken me on quite the adventure! Angel Lake Mysteries was my first cozy mystery series and centers around new beginnings. Elise Pepper learns a lot about herself—how to be independent and confident—and it was an apt journey for me at the time. 

After that, I explored the curiosities of hotel life with my Oceanside Hotel Mysteries. Maisie Swenson and her Momma crack me up. They have a fun relationship, and Maisie is a smart woman. 

Following that, I moved to my Baker Street Mysteries where I delved into melding American Revolutionary history with mystery with my darling tour guide, Georgie Tanner. I told you I have a lot of series. I go where I’m interested. Haha. 

From there, my writing journey took a turn for me, and I wrote a short story Circus series, starting with Cirque De Slay. Trixie was my evolutionary step into deeper thoughts as she overcame some serious insecurities. She’s a trooper. Is it weird to say she inspired me to be stronger as well?

This brought me to the Flamingo Realty Mysteries where Stella O’Neil navigates through some relationship complexities in her family. Her story was quite unique and is also my longest so far. This series was also my first time to merge stories as the characters of Baker Street, and even Maisie Swenson and her Momma make appearances. And Peanut the Pomeranian is definitely the star!

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Pomeranian in a straw hat with a red heart. High quality photo

Next came the amazing Miss Chelsea in the Mooved to Murder series. I had so much fun exploring a city girl, who’s roped into watching her friends pets, only to find out too late the exact nature of these pets. I laughed until I had tears during some of those scenes.

Now I’m on my newest, The Secret Library Mysteries, beginning with the Tall Tails Secret Book Club. This book catches the flavor of the mysterious mansion and peculiar people and hidden rooms. I’m having a blast.

I can’t imagine too many other careers that are as rewarding as writing, and I feel blessed I’ve been able to realize a childhood dream to be able to share my stories with others. I appreciate everyone who reads them!

Thanks for reading, and, as always, if you want to connect with me and hear more of my crazy quirks (I have too many) please join my readers’ group. CeeCee James Group If you would like to check out more of my books (in audible and large print as well), please go to CeeCee James Author Page.  Have a great day!

CeeCee James

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