There's always a reason to celebrate BOOKS!

K.E. O'Connor

Life is more magical when it's full of books. And there are so many fun days set aside throughout the year to revel in the glory that is book!

Personally, I'm thankful every day for the wonderful books I get to read, write, and share with readers. Books are a passion of mine. They're my little magical escape portals I can wander through any time I need a break or to hang out with friends old and new.

magic library with cat

If you're looking for a special day to celebrate the joy of books, I've found ten that may interest you.

1. World Book Day - Celebrated in over 100 countries to promote reading. This year in the UK and Ireland, it was celebrated on March 2.

2. National Read a Book Day - September 6th in the US. A day to set aside time to read a book. Isn't every day like that?

3. Banned Books Week - an annual event celebrating the freedom to read in the US. Books that have been banned at some point in their papery lifetime include: The Harry Potter series, The Color Purple, 1984, and The Catcher in the Rye.

4. Book Lovers Day - August 9th. A day to celebrate reading and books. This sounds like a perfect day to me.

5. Shakespeare Day - is on April 23rd and celebrates the birth and works of William Shakespeare. Although I appreciate his work, I do find it a touch dull. And I'll argue with anyone who tells me Romeo and Juliet is a true love story!! 

6. Bloomsday - June 16th. Celebrates James Joyce's novel Ulysses. Named after the protagonist Leopold Bloom. Sadly, I read James Joyce at school, and we picked apart the book so fiercely, I've never been able to touch another of his novels.

7. National Librarian Day - is celebrated on October 12th in the US, and honors librarians and promotes libraries. This was my second career choice (third, if you don't include me wanting to become the female version of Indiana Jones.)

8. Dictionary Day - October 16th is a day to honor Noah Webster, the father of the American dictionary. Everyone needs a hand with spelling Onomatopoeia!!

9. Poetry Day - arriving a day before Dictionary Day on October 15th, and celebrating the joys of poetry and reading poems. I wandered lonely as a...

10. International Literacy Day - is held on September 8th to raise awareness and support for literacy. And with almost 800 million adults unable to read, this deserves more attention.

I hope you have many days to embrace the delights of books. Do you have a book day you celebrate? Or is every day a book party in your house?

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