The Book Hangover

Stephanie Damore

Books You Stayed Up All Night Reading

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We've all been there, right?
It's nighttime. The kids are asleep. Your husband is off doing his own thing. The work emails have stopped (for now.)
You finally have a quiet moment to yourself.
What should you do?
I know! Crack open that book you've been meaning to read forever.
You make a cup of tea, grab a soft blanket, and settle in to read--just a few chapters. It is a weekday, after all.
It sounds like bliss, doesn't it?
And it is.
Oh, how it is.
But then something happens. One chapter becomes three chapters, and the next thing you know, you're on chapter thirteen with only seven more to go.
You told yourself you'd stop at chapter three, wait, no, make that chapter five. And now? Well, who's counting!
"Forget counting chapters. I'll go by the clock," you rationalize.
"Eleven o'clock is a perfectly reasonable time to go to sleep."
The minutes tick by.
"Midnight! Now there's a solid, respectable hour. I'll go to bed at midnight."
One o'clock.
"Eh? I don't have to actually talk at tomorrow morning's online meeting. I just need to nod and smile. Maybe I won't even turn on my camera."
Two o'clock.
"How many vacation days do I have? A. Lot. I don't take enough time off. Wasn't there an article in The New Yorker or somewhere about Americans not taking off enough time? It's not right. I need to change that. Be the change you want to see and all that."
Three o'clock.
"My eyes. Help. They're getting blurry." *blink *blink* "I'm so close. I can't walk away now!"
Four o'clock.
"DONE! Done diddy done done. I did it. I showed that book who was boss. Read that sucker in one sitting. One sitting. This should be an Olympic sport. And it was so good." Sigh. "I should go to bed now. Really. The kids will be up in two hours. And the dogs will want to go out soon."
Begrudgingly gets off the couch. "Okay, back to reality."
thinks for a moment
"But, there was that one scene in the book. It was so good. Ridiculously good."
*cracks book back open. "I just HAVE to read one more time…"

***Tell me, what the last book you stayed up all night reading? Maybe we can get a Must Read List going in the comments!*****



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