Sounds of Murder

Jenna St. James
KHSOMB11 Sounds of Murder

If you like to read paranormal cozies, I've got a new series releasing today! It's a crossover series from my A Witch in the Woods paranormal cozy (with Detectives Shayla Loci and Alex Stone.) This new series I've written, A Kara Hilder Mystery, features a Valkyrie with haphazard magic, Detective Kara Hilder...and a Fallen Angel seeking redemption for his past mistake, Detective Zane. These two are definitely an unlikely crime-solving duo.

Book 1, Sounds of Murder, opens with Kara Hilder turning forty--alone. Having been abandoned as a newborn by her mother, raised by an elderly Sensei who taught her to fight, Kara had no idea she was a supernatural--until Zane dropped into her life on her fortieth birthday and flew her kicking and screaming to the supernatural town of Mystic Cove to meet a grandmother she never knew existed. Now, not only is Kara trying to wrap her mind around the fact there are supernaturals in the world--and she's supposedly one herself--but she's also been drawn into a murder that has happened in the town of Mystic Cove. To make matters even worse, Kara recognizes one of the suspects--it's Alex Stone's ex-wife.

Now Kara has two reasons to stay in Mystic Cove until the case is solved: she despises Alex's ex-wife and hopes to prove she's the killer, and her biological father is supposedly living in Mystic Cove! With the help of Bettina and Zahara--twin witches who own a paranormal bookstore called Double Trouble--Kara will hone her magical skills while trying to discover who her father is.

This new series will be the story of Kara and Zane--A Valkyrie whose ancestors once delivered the fallen to heaven/Valhalla, and a fallen angel who was once kicked out of heaven. On their own, they are good detectives...but together, they make a full circle. They see themselves as complete opposites, but at the end of the day, they both want the same thing--for the bad guy or girl to be brought to justice.

If you'd like to read Book 1, Sounds of Murder, click this link!

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