Snowed in Castle Murder Mystery

K.E. O'Connor

My new festive mystery released on November 1! And I made an online jigsaw puzzle to celebrate. First, a little about the book:

Christmas at Audley Castle wouldn't be the same without a little slaying!

Holly Holmes cozy baking christmas mystery

The Douglas fir in the grand hallway is festooned with decorations, presents sit under the frosted branches, fires crackle in fireplaces, and there's snow. So much snow! I'm a fan of a little festive frosting, but fifteen inches falling in less than a day means flights get canceled, roads are blocked, and plans change. But I'm determined to make the best of things, including helping Princess Alice learn how to frost Christmas cupcakes.

When Alice's former school friends surprise us by making it through the blizzard, they bring fizz and chatter, some of it not so merry and bright. The friend with the sharpest tongue, Delphine Augustus, is silenced forever when she's discovered dead in her bed on the night of her arrival.

Was it an overdose, or does the cake Princess Alice made that's smeared across the victim's face hold a worrying clue?

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