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Erin Emily
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Let's sail to America, Desmond suggested. It will be fun, he promised. Except, no matter where Rosemary goes, murder seems to follow--even in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean!

The journey was supposed to be part of the adventure, and what could be more fun than a few days aboard a veritable floating palace?

Rosemary should have known it wouldn’t be all fun and games. She should have known bunking across the hall from a murder mystery author would come to no good. She should have followed her mother’s advice and stayed safely on dry land.

It doesn’t take long for our intrepid sleuth to stumble onto another dead body, and even less time for her to figure out it wasn’t just an accident: it was murder!

She’s prepared to let security handle the investigation, but when Desmond opens his big mouth and brags too loudly within earshot of the captain, Rosemary finds herself embroiled in another quest for justice. Except now, she’s surrounded by would-be sleuths, and time is running out.

If she doesn’t solve the case before the boat docks in New York, a murderer will go free!

Join Rosemary and her friends for a new mystery as they confront evil on the high seas.

Q&A with the Author

Q. What was your inspiration for "Evil on the High Seas"?

A. I felt it was time for Rosemary and her friends to get out of London, and it was important that they see America. Luxury ocean travel has fascinated me ever since I learned about the Titanic disaster in grade school. Even to my young self it seemed like the height of sophistication to travel on such a beautiful vessel. My dad was also in the Navy, so ships in general were always a peripheral part of my life. This book has been a chance for me to go into research mode (which I love) and learn and write about something that's always fascinated me. As I dove in, I discovered all sorts of nefarious plans and plots happened aboard ship. I had so many ideas I had to scrap some side stories, which was absolutely painful!

Q. What got left out?

A. I had an idea for an endearing old kleptomaniac man who keeps swiping things and forcing his wife to cover for him! It would have been fun, but there just wasn't room.

Q. What's waiting for Rosemary in America?

A. Oh, quite a lot. Of course, she won't be able to visit New York City without stumbling over a body--even across the pond our girl is a magnet for murder. She'll meet some new, interesting, and very different people. It's a whole other world, and one that I hope the readers enjoy because I'm developing a new series set in America, featuring some of the characters Rosemary meets during her holiday!

Floating Palaces of the Golden Age of Luxury Ocean Travel

Rosemary and her friends are traveling aboard an ocean liner from the Cunard Line, a British company that operated some of the most luxurious ships of the age. They competed with and eventually merged with the RMS Titanic's White Star Line, and were a major contributor to the advent and development of ocean travel.

Each of these liners was its own floating city. Ships ran on a scheduled "line", with no room for variation. That meant the staff was held to the highest of customer service standards. Working on a liner could be an incredibly lucrative career, especially for those with direct access to the passengers; highly attentive stewards could often receive enough tips to raise their yearly salaries even higher than the captain's!

Below you'll see the type of ship Rosemary is traveling aboard. Even the advert posters were chic!

collage Project Showcase - "Evil on the High Seas"
From left: A Cunard Line advert poster from circa 1920's; deck plan of the RMS Mauritania; drawing of the RMS Aquitania at sea; interior photo of the RMS Mauritania first-class dining saloon

Chapter 1 of "Evil on the High Seas" is available to read now on my website. You can also subscribe to my newsletter or follow me on social media to receive new release notifications, bonus content, and opportunities to win free stuff!

Starting Sunday (4/19/2022) I'm running a GoodReads giveaway. Click here to enter to win one of (50) copies of "Evil on the High Seas" as soon as it's released. Contest ends 5/19/2022, and the release date for the book is 5/22/2022.

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