It's time for Christmas magic

K.E. O'Connor

If you're in the mood for something magically festive, stay where you are. This one's for you!

Experience a most Merry Witchmas in this enchanting collection of snowy, festive wonderlands, full of witches, clever familiars, and magic.

Enjoy three small-town murder mysteries in a single collection, featuring a wise-talking hellhound, a sassy cat, and a curious spider as your sleuths. How’s that for a Christmas miracle?

These festive, frosty tales of mysterious murder will make you smile as you work through the snow-bound clues with these unique sleuthing familiars.

PARANORMAL COZY BOXED SET removebg preview It's time for Christmas magic

Have fun with:

Wiggles, the chatty miniature hellhound from the Crypt Witch series, who takes on the challenge of saving Christmas and ensuring his pups have a day they’ll never forget.

Juno, the sassy talking cat from the Magical Misfits Mysteries, who discovers a deadly secret lurking in Crimson Cove that’ll destroy Christmas if she doesn’t stop it.

Hilda, the friendly spider familiar from the Witch Haven Mysteries, who finds a body under the tree, and evidence a young spider shifter was involved. She uncovers trouble in Witch Haven, revenge, and a problem with the reindeer. How will she get to the truth and give everyone the festive treats they deserve?


Expect an overdose of seasonal cheer, puzzles as twisty as an enchanted candy cane, and a dollop of magical mystery so intriguing, you’ll have to keep turning the pages until you figure out whodunit.

Available in Kindle Unlimited, ebook, and paperback.

Merry reading!

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