I'm not buying any more books... Oh! Look! A sale!

VJ Dunn

My favorite book artwork site has funny quotables about reading (or writing) books. Usually, there's a good laugh to be found there.

"If I had a dollar for every book character I developed feelings for, I'd have enough money to pay for the therapy I obviously need."

*embarrassed coughing and hand raising* Uh, okay, so that one is most certainly true for me. From Mr Darcy to one of those blue alien guys, I can say that when I fall for a book character, I fall hard.

"There's a 100% foolproof method to prevent sunburn. Stay inside and read a book."

Besides, the world is a scary place. I'd much rather stay indoors with in the throes of a good murder.

reading memes 29 I'm not buying any more books... Oh! Look! A sale!

Okay, confession time: If possible, I will watch the movie first, then read the book. This saves me from screaming at the screen about inconsistencies. (And, shocker, not one single time have I found the movie to be better than the book!)

Me: I like reading because it’s relaxing.

Me: *screams at book*

Me: *throws book against the wall*

Me: *cries over characters for days on end*

Me: *curses the author’s name to the winds*

Me: Soooo relaxing.

Confession: I nearly broke my Kindle Fire over a plot twist. Thank goodness I have electronic backups!

distrubme I'm not buying any more books... Oh! Look! A sale!

Dear husband... remember who it is that cooks in our house. Does your food smell like almonds? Does it? Well, DOES IT? buwahahahaha

“When I think about books, I touch my shelf.”

Middle school me found this far too funny.

And last but not least...

“Yes, I do have a retirement plan. I plan on reading.”

Am I right? You know I am.

Do you have any fun reading quotes? Post them in the comments below!

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