If cats could talk...

K.E. O'Connor

Well, we all know they can talk! And cats only tend to meow at people. They've developed a 'language' to make us even more willing slaves to their fluffy adorable toe beans.

In my new series, the Magical Misfit Mysteries, the main character is Juno - and she's an adorable talking cat. Juno first appeared in my Crypt Witch cozy mysteries. She made a cameo, but I kept thinking about this mysterious cat.

And she kept talking to me until I had no choice but to give her a series where she is the star in solving the mysteries, figuring out the murders, and getting to the bottom of the whodunnits.

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Let's meet Juno, shall we?

Murder most ghoulish...

Feisty enchanted hedgehogs with eye-watering gas issues, a half-dragon with an attitude, and a headless corpse aren't the best things to start the day with!

But that's what we encounter in our first week working for animal control in Crimson Cove. We'd only come here to find a missing person but got more than we bargained for. As an enchanted cat, few things phase me, but even I wince when my wonderful witch, Zandra Crypt, finds a body missing its head.

Much like my witch, I have a strong sense of justice, and when the angels are stumped over the killer, we poke around. It doesn't take long before we find a worrying connection to the body, a dangerous gang of magical criminals, and what happened to Zandra's mother (she's the missing person.)

How will a plucky witch and a strikingly beautiful white cat (that's me) beat the gang, find the killer, and locate Zandra's mother?

Care to find out, help me solve a murder, and share a secret or two with you?

Then welcome. The price of entry into this magical witch mystery is one head tickle and some Finest Fishy treats for me. Enjoy!

Enjoy spending time in this new magical, mysterious world where the talking familiars take center stage accompanied by their witchy sidekicks.

Every Witch Way but Ghouls is available in ebook or paperback. If you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription you can borrow Ghouls for free.

Happy reading! Make sure you give Juno a tickle from me.

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