Enjoy a witchy whodunit where curses, corpses, and good manners are the order of the day

K.E. O'Connor

Enjoy the latest release in the Witch Haven paranormal cozy mystery series.

Silvaria is an origin story, taking readers back in time to a world of polite conversation, tea parties, carriage rides, and corpse wrangling!


IjtmAU9GoDkd Enjoy a witchy whodunit where curses, corpses, and good manners are the order of the day

A future that cannot be escaped, a tragic death, and a race to uncover the truth...

I love pretty dresses, planning my upcoming marriage to my delectable fiance, and figuring out how I'll become a famous dancer.

Corpses do not feature in those plans.

Unfortunately, my parents, the corpses, and my grave magic have other ideas!

I've inherited a power I never wanted, but it wants me. And when my friend, and servant, is murdered in my home and her corpse returns with a plea for justice, I cannot ignore my power.

How will I balance my dreams with my family's harsh expectations of me becoming a cemetery guardian, my fiance's desire for me to abandon the corpses forever, and the demands of the Magic Council who are investigating (very poorly) my dear friend's murder?


This is Silvaria Digby's origin story. Set in a quaintly historical past in a world not far from the Witch Haven you know and love, where balls, bonnets, and carriages are all the rage. Enjoy spending time with our powerful future cemetery guardian as she tackles difficult home life, shambling bodies, and a murder that's too close to home.

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