Do you love locked room mysteries?

K.E. O'Connor

I adore them! The puzzles challenge me to figure out how a crime was committed in a seemingly impossible situation (I'm writing a locked room mystery at the moment about a group of magic users trapped in a haunted inn with a killer on the loose!)

Locked room mysteries typically take place in a confined space where the suspects are limited, and the reader must use their wits to solve the crime before the detective does - in my case, it's a talking magical cat - she's an excellent snooper.

Some of the settings for locked room mysteries include:

  • Trains
  • Isolated houses cut off by the weather
  • Islands shut off from the mainland
  • Airplanes
  • A single locked room - often a study or library
haunted house Do you love locked room mysteries?

The mysteries often involve elaborate setups, such as sealed windows and doors, inaccessible rooms, or impossible timeframes, that make the reader feel like they're solving a complex puzzle.

They offer a satisfying sense of accomplishment when the solution is revealed and the killer unmasked, making them engaging and entertaining for many mystery enthusiasts.

Some of my favorite locked room mysteries include:

Murder on the Orient Express - trapped on a train

The Mousetrap (I recently saw the play) - trapped in a house in a snowstorm

Proof of Murder - locked in a library

Every Witch Way but Omens (my book) - trapped by magic in a haunted inn

Do you have a favorite locked room mystery?

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