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ReGina Welling

Hey Sleuthers!

Today, I'm excited to have the chance to show you a new set of covers for the Mag and Clara Balefire Mysteries. You are the first to see them, and you're getting to see them before they've even been uploaded.

First, I'll tell you a little bit about the first book in the series, Murder Above the Fold:

New town…new start…same old problems

When sister witches Mag and Clara Balefire moved to the sleepy town of Harmony, Maine, to take over leadership of the coven there, they thought they’d have chance at a new life. Fate had other plans. The Balefires hardly have time to get unpacked when they stumble over a dead body.

Local authorities consider the death an open and shut case, but Mag and Clara refuse to let the ruling of accidental death stand—not when they’re positive it was murder.

As they dig deeper, secrets begin to surface and the sisters begin to suspect some of the townsfolk aren’t as innocent as they appear. When they discover the killer might be someone close to the victim, they don’t know who to trust.
As if that’s not enough, the local coven expects them to bring their cantankerous, ancient leader to heel, and she’s having none of it.

Between solving two murders and keeping a mischievous, elderly witch with power to spare from wreaking havoc, moving to a small town isn’t quite what the Balefire sisters bargained for.

Now, for the big reveal (if you'd like to imagine the tada, feel free!).

Mag and Clara Balefire Covers Cover Reveal

As a thank you for taking a peek, the first five people to comment will get a free copy of Murder Above the Fold. 🙂

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