A tourist trap with a difference!

K.E. O'Connor

I've lived in the UK my whole life, and have always been intrigued by mysterious or spooky places. This damp little island is full of peeks into the past, and I've visited old ruins, been on haunted ghost buses, and walked around places linked to strange happenings and disappearances.

If you'd love to explore some of these mysterious places the next time you visit, I've made a list of my favorite:

haunted castle A tourist trap with a difference!
  1. The Tower of London - This historic fortress has a long and dark history as a site of imprisonment, torture, and execution. It's said to be haunted by the ghosts of former prisoners and executed individuals.
  2. Edinburgh Castle - This ancient fortress in Scotland, has been the site of many historical battles and is haunted by the ghost of a piper who disappeared in the tunnels beneath the castle.
  3. Rosslyn Chapel - A small chapel in Roslin, Scotland, is home to a range of mysterious symbols and carvings, including images linked to the Knights Templar and Freemasonry.
  4. Leap Castle - In County Offaly, Ireland, has a dark history and is haunted by a range of ghosts, including a woman known as the "Bloody Chapel Ghost."
  5. Hellfire Caves - These underground tunnels in West Wycombe, UK, were used for secret meetings of the Hellfire Club, a notorious 18th-century society associated with occult practices.
  6. Skirrid Mountain Inn - This historic inn in Abergavenny, UK, is haunted by the ghosts of former guests. Maybe they didn't like the room service!
  7. Chillingham Castle -In Northumberland, UK, is one of the most haunted places in England, with a range of ghosts, including a "blue boy" who appears in a bedroom.
  8. Stonehenge - An ancient monument located in Wiltshire, England, constructed between 3000 and 2000 BCE during the Neolithic period. Was it a burial site for royals? A meeting place? A place of healing? Or a site to observe the stars?
  9. Ancient Ram Inn - This inn in Gloucestershire, UK, has reports of ghostly apparitions and strange noises at night.
  10. Newgrange - Located in County Meath, Ireland, Newgrange is a prehistoric burial site that dates back to around 3200 BCE. It features a large circular stone monument with an entrance passage that aligns with the rising sun on the winter solstice. It's a striking and haunting place to visit.
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