10 reasons we love cozy crime books

K.E. O'Connor

Cozy mystery fiction has stood the test of time. From the delightful sleuthing of Jessica Fletcher to the modern-day sleuths in my books - Holly Holmes, Tempest Crypt, Juno the talking cat! There's a long list of dedicated sleuths to charm and entertain you.

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But why are they so popular?

  1. Cozy mysteries feature amateur sleuths as the main character, which makes them relatable and easy to root for as you read along.
  2. They often take place in small towns or villages, giving readers a sense of community and familiarity.
  3. The murders are typically not graphic, making them a great choice for readers who enjoy a good mystery but want nothing too intense.
  4. Many cozy mysteries include themes such as cooking, crafting, or gardening, which inspire readers to try new hobbies or enjoy seeing their sleuths' passions.
  5. Cozy mysteries feature quirky characters and humorous situations, adding to the entertainment.
  6. The puzzles and clues can be challenging and satisfying to solve, keeping you engaged as you try to figure out whodunit.
  7. Many cozy mysteries are part of a series, which allows you to follow your favorite characters through multiple books and enjoy being involved in their lives.
  8. Cozy mysteries often include delicious food descriptions, making them a great choice for foodies (I always enjoy describing the delicious cakes in my Holly Holmes baking mysteries.)
  9. The books incorporate themes of family, friendship, and community, which are heartwarming and uplifting.
  10. Cozy mysteries can be a great way to escape into a fictional world and forget about the stresses of everyday life for a little while - don't we all need that at the moment?

Do you have a favorite sleuth or series that has you coming back for more?

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